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Sacred Journey & Spiritual Direction

Updated: Jun 3


When I consider navigating our spiritual journey, especially for those drawn toward the contemplative path, I realize the importance of having a guide. Along my journey I have done much reading, praying, and walking with friends on the path, but I have discovered this takes me only to a point, then my resistances, patterns, and fears kick in. When it is time to move past the wall into wholeness and union, what the Bible calls the promised land, there is need for a guide who has gone before like Caleb or Joshua with courage, discernment and training. The journey can seem ominous at times and we could feel like grasshoppers amidst giants.

Here in the west where Protestantism is predominant, yet fading into secularism, we have a very independent, almost dare I say, prideful spirit. We believe we can journey either on our own or with several friends we connect with. Soul friends and family can be helpful but also may become so familiar, enmeshed and sympathetic that they may not be willing to ask the courageous questions an objective guide outside your normal circles and traditions would. In the east and within early spirituality and the wisdom tradition those seeking to grow and proceed forward wouldn’t consider winging it, they would seek out a guide with experience, training and the gift of wisdom and discernment, then journey with that guide. Spiritual Direction is an ancient art needful for today’s fast paced, distracted and confusing world.

Spiritual Direction is actually less directive and more reflective. A good director with experience, training and gifts of wisdom and discernment, will listen with presence, deeply to your journey. They may allow space for silence, prayer, and reflective questions in order for you to discover deeper levels of inner truth, purpose and identity. A spiritual director will accompany you through the extended journey or for shorter seasons of transition or stagnation. Historically, spiritual direction has been an ongoing journey of soul care once a month throughout life, unlike other forms of soul care designed for periods of difficulty.

If you are yearning for a safe, sacred space to be vulnerable, allowing your inner truth to be discovered and transformed in grace and love spiritual direction may be for you.


Carol Mullen

Soul’s Sanctuary Spiritual Direction & Retreats


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