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Sometimes on our journey through life we will experience times of feeling stuck, stagnant or confused. We may even find ourselves at a Sacred Crossroad. Perhaps we are pondering direction and discover ourselves unable to discern the way. At times like this I find it really helpful to seek discernment and wisdom through ancient practices, spiritual tools, spiritual direction and or spiritual life coaching. This sacred journey is unique to each of us, but it also has some universal commonalities that a wise guide can help you navigate; you don't have to journey alone.

Recently I was pondering this idea of being stuck or stable with my own spiritual director; yes, even trained and experienced spiritual directors and coaches need ongoing support for sustainability and flourishing. This question continues to resonate within me, and I see it as a Divine invitation into further spiritual growth. As I dig deeper into the discernment tools I have been formed in, especially through my training as an Ignatian Spiritual Director, I offer you an invitation into the adventure of Divine Discernment and Sacred Accompaniment if this resonates with you. I have noticed when clients meet with me, they may struggle to discern the difference between being stuck or being stable. Stuck and stable might even feel similar. Sometimes we might feel stuck when we are really stable and at times, we might feel stable when we are really stuck.

I chose the image above for this post as a spiritual practice of Visio Divina or Sacred Seeing, one form of discernment.

Gaze at the image and notice how you feel. What resonates within you?

Now notice something that catches your attention.

If you were to enter this image, where would you be drawn to? Take some time to imagine this before finishing this post.

I felt for myself, like the image represented a choice of either leaning or relaxing against the stable tree or venturing out on the canoe. I also noticed the canoe had no oars so if you went out you would have to trust the wind and water/Spirit to assist you. This venturing out without an oar is an ancient Celtic practice that monks would do on boats called coracles with no paddles. They would surrender the journey to God.

If you are at sacred crossroads and wondering if you are stuck or stable, I welcome you to explore your story with me and discover the benefits, gifts and tools of Divine Discernment and Spiritual Accompaniment with Soul's Sanctuary Spiritual Direction and Coaching.

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute Zoom Discovery Session.

Many Blessings on your Journey,

Carol Mullen CLC, CSC, Spiritual Director

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