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Spiritual Direction

"Individuals seek out spiritual directors to assist in their special desire to grow in the spirit and to attain wholeness, freedom, and divine union." 

--Beverly Lanzetta

"The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of a person's life, to get behind the facade of conventional gestures and attitudes which one presents to the world, and to bring out one's inner spiritual freedom, one's inmost truth."

--Thomas Merton



Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of co-discernment, guidance, and accompaniment with a trained spiritual listener providing a sacred space to help you become more deeply aware of and connected to God and your Authentic Purpose in your life story and spiritual journey.

Spiritual Direction actually isn't directive, instead it is a contemplative conversation with deep listening and reflective questions allowing you to notice and discover your soul's inner truth and longings and where the Holy Spirit is present and active in your spiritual journey.



Spiritual Direction isn't counseling, teaching, preaching, or discipling. However, Spiritual Direction might be helpful alongside these other practices and invite awareness of the Spirit's action in all of life's circumstances. 



* To grow in awareness and deeper connection to the Spirit's movement in your life.

* Experience a safe space to ask and process questions and struggles on your spiritual journey.

* Help with spiritual discernment during transitions or times of feeling stuck in life.

* Sacred companionship during deconstructing and reconstructing faith.

* Discernment for discovering longings, identity and callings.

* Discover spiritual practices and rhythms that fit who you are and where you are on your journey. 



My desire in offering spiritual direction for my clients is to provide a sacred space that is peaceful, safe, nonjudgmental and reflective, a space of encounter and discovery with the Holy Spirit, a space to be completely open and honest.

Most sessions will begin with lighting of a candle, prayer or guided meditation and silence in order to prepare our time and hearts for sacred conversation. During the hour I offer deep listening and prayerful reflection as you share your journey and current experiences. I listen for glimmers of the Spirit's activity in your life and may ask reflective questions, offer moments of pause and silence as well as possible guided prayer or spiritual practices.

This is a contemplative space to slow down and connect more deeply with the Holy One, opening your awareness to subtle inner movements of the Spirit. What I won’t do is preach, teach, lecture, fix or tell you what to do. Spiritual truths come forth in our conversation. As I accompany you on your journey, I may occasionally suggest a spiritual practice or reading that would enhance your experience which would be completely optional. I would be honored to companion you on your sacred journey.


"Having been in spiritual direction for 20 + years and seeing Carol Mullen for the last 4 of those years,

I find Carol an excellent conduit for God's presence and love. Her focus is always on God and me.

She seems to know the exact sacred reflections, spiritual practices and scripture I need, and I 

feel as if God is very present in our sessions. My relationship with God has grown deeper. 

I highly recommend her."

Jane Mason, Deacon


Sessions are usually once a month for an hour by zoom or in person if in the Knoxville, TN area.

I welcome all seekers on the spiritual path regardless of race, gender, or beliefs.

I also provide a sliding scale of $55.00 -$85.00 per session in order to offer the gift of

spiritual direction to any on their journeys.


     SUSTAINABLE SPIRITUALITY                              COACHING


I am excited to announce I am now a Certified Spiritual & Life Coach and  have created a new one on one offering for those seeking customized coaching on creating a plan for sustainable spirituality on their sacred journey. We will consider where you are on your journey, your longings, your spiritual bent, and your giftings and create a spiritual plan that seeks sustainability and balance, meeting you where you are and supporting you as you journey forward. We will use some spiritual discernment tools and spiritual practices customized for you.

 If you are feeling overwhelmed with life and desiring to connect deeper with the Divine in fresh, sustainable, balanced ways Sustainable Spirituality Coaching may be for you. 
Contact me for a complimentary 30   minute Zoom Consult Session.

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