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As a trained and experienced spiritual director and certified coach Carol has the privilege to hear sacred stories from her clients and accompany them as they navigate their pathways toward spiritual growth, freedom, and wholeness. 


Carol received two years of spiritual direction training from the Institute of Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb University, she also has received a third year of training with Sustainable Faith in Ignatian Accompaniment and Spirituality. Carol has been practicing spiritual direction consistently with a variety of clients since 2015 and offering spiritual formation since 2006.  She also has a degree in Art Therapy, thus the creative contemplative dimension she includes in her workshops and retreats. 

Carol, most recently, is thrilled to announce that she is now a Certified Life Coach, as well as a Certified Spiritual Coach through her training with Life Purpose Institute. Carol has expanded her offerings to include both Life and Spiritual Coaching along with her Spiritual Direction.

 She continues in advanced training and practice to best accompany her clients.


Her experience includes spiritual direction, coaching, facilitating various contemplative workshops and retreats, spiritual formation groups, and centering prayer groups. 

Carol is a member of Spiritual Directors International.


Even though her faith tradition is Christian, she is available to accompany any seeking to deepen their relationship and connection with the Divine and discern direction and purpose for their life. She specializes in accompanying those the Spirit is drawing toward the contemplative path of experiencing God's presence and who need a spiritual companion/director who has been on this journey to offer guidance and discernment. She also companions those going through spiritual direction training, clergy and ministry leaders, those in transition and discernment, those seeking to discover their authentic path and purpose, and or those who feel burned out, disenfranchised, disillusioned, spiritually stuck, or who have been going through deconstruction and or reconstruction of their faith.


She offers Spiritual Direction and Coaching by zoom or if in the Knoxville, TN area in person at her home, offering a retreat style setting, with fountains, a stream, pond and outside fireplace.


It is her great joy to companion her clients along their path toward greater wholeness, discovery, and awareness of God's presence in their everyday lives.


"Having been in spiritual direction for 20 + years and seeing Carol Mullen for the last 4 of those years,

I find Carol an excellent conduit for God's presence and love. Her focus is always on God and me.

She seems to know the exact sacred reflections, spiritual practices and scripture I need, and I 

feel as if God is very present in our sessions. My relationship with God has grown deeper. 

I highly recommend her."

Jane Mason, Deacon 


Carol is an amazing life coach who is incredibly easy to talk to and nonjudgmental. She has such a kind, calm presence, and her smile immediately put me at ease. She is able to use her intuition and therapeutic gifts to quickly identify the issues and come up with no-nonsense, easily applied solutions. She is a creative problem-solver and explains concepts in simple terms. And she has this ability to make the introspective process fun! Above all, it is obvious how much she cares about your overall well-being. I can't recommend her enough to anyone interested in improving their life and relationships. 



After numerous coaching sessions with Carol, I highly recommend the work she is doing and the wisdom she has to offer. She is an excellent listener with a kind gentle spirit. She brings much to the table with strategies and thought-provoking exercises. With her coaching I have been able to sort through different aspects of my life. She has been a tremendous help.



If you ever feel conflicted, unfocused; spiritually confused, or blah in your faith, Carol will help guide and revive you to a clear vision, or goal/solution. Or, if you are having a bad day and need someone to talk to; she is good at uplifting you and showing you a possible solution for a better day. It is hard to find someone who will guide you and is available. Carol will give you the time and guidance that is difficult to find. If you need a Life Coach that can help with a plethora of life issues; she is your gal.




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