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Have you ever noticed as you are reading spiritual or sacred books or articles that a sentence or phrase will be highlighted or sparkle? If you have practiced lectio divina or sacred reading you may be familiar with this. I have been pondering what spiritual practices would serve me well this new year on my journey. Interestingly, I believe I have discovered one that bubbled up while offering spiritual direction to one of my clients.

The idea I offered her was a "Quote Journal," but on later reflection I thought it could benefit me as well. This would be separate from a regular journal that you keep in a particular place and write more extensively in. Your Quote Journal could be taken along with with you in order to capture quotes while doing life and the quotes would be fairly short. It would be especially useful while doing sacred reading to pause and write the quotes down. I have found while doing my sacred reading in the past I might meditate on what sparkles or feel inspired but then I would loose the phrase or word along the way. In being intentional to capture these sacred gifts I hope to grow in awareness and communion with the divine.

As I considered this new practice it developed into a "Quotes & Queries" journal. I would allow the quote to teach or communicate to me by providing space after writing the quote for a question or two such as simply; "What would you like to show me?" This is similar to the process of lectio divina but the question could expand beyond the immediate time into the day or week and the quote would also be food for further contemplation. This journal might even be so expansive that what is included could be any sacred gift you become aware of during your days such as images, inner inspiration or knowings, words from others, or any type of inspired noticings from awareness whether interior or exterior.

I look forward in 2021 to grow even deeper into awareness of divine presence and communication and would love to hear from you as to what practices you will be trying out this year. Unlike a new years resolution, if what you choose doesn't work out or isn't serving you, allowing the spirit to invite you into the next right thing could be really freeing. Have a truly blessed 2021.

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