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Prayer=Living True #prayer,#contemplativejourney,#spiritualformation,#ignatian,#spiritualdirection

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I love it when something I am reading seems to sparkle and jump off the page! I tend to have stacks of books to peruse about the spiritual life in various locations around my house. Currently one of those books is "Inner Compass, An Invitation To Ignatian Spirituality."

In my second year of training as a spiritual director we journeyed through the 19th annotation of St. Ignatius of Loyola which was very transformational. Today as I was reading "Inner Compass" a section on prayer touched me deeply so I thought I would share it for us to ponder together.

".....prayer is not just a means of sustaining us through our linear journey (though it does that, too) but is itself the reality of our journey. It is not primarily a calm interlude in our day, "a quiet time," but the very essence of our being. When we are at prayer, we are most truly who we are,and we are at prayer whenever we are really "living true." (Beautiful)

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