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This morning while walking in my neighborhood I happened to be simply looking down ahead of me at the pavement and I noticed worms. I generally don't pay much attention to the pavement because I am busy looking around at a higher level. Today I was to look low and notice displaced worms. While noticing, I was also careful not to step on the many displaced worms along my path.

As I slowed down to not step on the worms, I wondered why they were on the road. While looking around at the property where the displaced worms were, I saw the owners had dug a groove between their grass and the curb, perhaps to keep it from overgrowing, the lawn also looked immaculate as if it had been sprayed with chemicals. As a property owner I understand taking care of and beautifying our landscape, but I got to pondering, with a new perspective, at what cost.

The reason I titled this blog "The Parable of the Displaced Worms" is that our lives can often present us with parables, if we can notice life and creation and ponder it for spiritual meaning. Something as simple as displaced worms can become a burning bush and uncover layers of meaning opening us to further conversation with our Creator. Jesus often spoke in parables and can continue to speak this way today if we are aware.

So, after I noticed the displaced worms I started my inner conversation with my curious questions.

I will offer up some of them for you to ponder and allow space for the Spirit to speak. I would love to have a spiritual conversation with you about your discoveries.

Are you noticing any displaced real or metaphorical worms/creation/humans around you? Is there any action to be done on your part? Perhaps not stepping on them, maybe returning them to their habitat, or not displacing them to start with in the name of progress.

In this season of life do you feel like a displaced worm? What support do you need to help you not feel stepped on, disconnected, or disenfranchised? What type of soil and nourishment would help you feel at home and flourish?

If you desire a safe, sacred space to process and grow in awareness of your life parables, the Divine, and your spiritual journey I welcome you to the adventure of spiritual direction with Soul's Sanctuary.

Many Blessings on your sacred journey,

Carol Mullen

Soul's Sanctuary Spiritual Direction

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