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Butt Dialing God #connectingwithgod#spiritualdirection#spiritualjourney

Updated: Jun 3

In order to not appear sacrilegious with the title of this blog, I will start with an event from my day involving actually butt dialing my sister. This morning I decided to take a walk at a different local park I wasn't familiar with. As I was getting out my phone to see if it might have information on the trail, I accidentally dialed my sister. I heard my phone ringing and then my sister's voice was on the other end, so we had a conversation while I walked. She was sharing about helping a friend move who was a hoarder and also about a woman we knew when we were young who hoarded. She said the woman would say she was taking our things to donate but instead took them home and had piles of stuff, thinking she or someone else might need them one day.

During this conversation I had an AHA moment, I would call it a God or Spirit revelation or knowing. God can communicate in ordinary, seemingly random, events of the day, such as butt dialing. Perhaps I didn't actually butt dial my sister, but the finger of God did, LOL. As she was sharing about the woman who hoarded things until they practically fell on top of her, the still small voice of God revealed to me that I could be like that woman metaphorically by my accumulation of books/knowledge, spiritual readings, courses, and practices. I am a 5 with a 4 wing on the enneagram and tend to fill myself with knowledge but often am reluctant to pass it along. I accumulate and then become too overwhelmed to share it practically, thus hoarding. It sounds like the Spirit is inviting me to take practical steps in passing along and sharing the wealth of spiritual readings and practices. Is there something you are possibly hoarding in this season of your journey or that the Spirit is inviting you to let go of or share? Could you benefit from a safe, sacred space to share your journey and wrestle with deep questions?

My courageous first step is to invite others to suggest to me what they might like to experience, practice and learn within a contemplative community or individually. Maybe we could gather online to share our Divine Stories, such as Butt Dialing God, and do contemplative practices. I offer spiritual direction and retreats, but I would also consider providing future workshops or contemplative groups. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, desires or inquiries about spiritual direction or contemplative offerings. May you experience Divine connection and growing awareness of God on your sacred journey.

Carol Mullen

Soul's Sanctuary Spiritual Direction

Contact for a free 30 minute zoom discovery session:

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