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It seems in life that we all have certain blind spots where we can't see the whole picture or even a portion of the picture. It helps to have mirrors in our lives that expand and enhance our view. These reflective mirrors might actually be our own expanded reflection as we journey on through life and gain wisdom, maturity and experience. Perhaps these mirrors include those further along on the path such as spiritual directors, friends with different perspectives, spiritual community, teachers or even readings. We also have an interior Divine mirror, the Spirit, inviting us to open and expand our perspectives.

As I hold space for clients in Spiritual Direction, both listening to their sacred stories and also to the Spirit, I am enabled to be a reflective mirror, not generally imposing my own perspective, but creating a sacred space for my clients to better hear the inner voice of the Spirit, expanding their perspectives and helping them to reduce blind spots. I also have my own blind spots and so appreciate when Spirit/Divine Mirror provides me with AHA moments that expand my view and reduce some blind spots.

Those awakening moments can often come to me upon wakening from sleep, no pun intended. Yesterday morning I woke up with a fuller understanding of Jesus's statement to Mary Magdalene of; "Do not cling to me, for I have not ascended yet." The deeper knowing for me personally was not to cling to old images, forms, experiences, and understandings of God and move forward into the new, which is mysterious and perhaps without form.

Lately, on my journey, I have noticed being invited into more unknowing where the mystery and darkness actually bring brighter deeper light. I have been experiencing this desire to move forward and not cling to the old ways, but it can be a lonely path that not many choose to venture on.

Sacred readings can also be Divine mirrors creating synchronicities to what you are experiencing. I just happened to be reading a confirming reflection that morning of a woman driving to visit a couple on a rainy night and the roads were small and not well marked, but she trusted she would eventually get there. She then walked a mysterious forest path and meditated about spiritual journeys to "where we do not know." This book was "Gifts from Within," - Women of Brigid's Place.

This reading was proceeded by the Palm Sunday passage about Jesus entering Jerusalem. So often familiarity can create blind spots. I had an image in my mind of Jesus riding a donkey, perhaps from movies. The passage actually says he requested a donkey and a colt, which goes on to say, he rode on them. That is a new and expanded image for me. Christians might call this, seeing the Kingdom as a child, and Buddhists would call it beginner's mind. I was awakened to a clearer, truer and richer experience of the story. I needed to not "cling" to my old perspective. When Jesus entered Jerusalem the whole city was asking, "who is this?" The crowds were saying, "This is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee."

What does the crowd around you and the committee in your head say God or Jesus is?

How could you see, experience, and know Christ with new fuller vision and perception, not clinging to old, limiting views?

Have you experienced new growing and expanding perceptions of the Divine recently on your spiritual journey?

Feel free to share a recent AHA moment to enrich our experience.

If you are curious about spiritual direction with Soul's Sanctuary and would like a safe, reflective space to share and process your spiritual journey I would be happy to meet with you for a complimentary 30 minute zoom Discovery session to find out more.

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