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BEING WITH & DREAMING WITH: Integrating Spiritual Direction with Life and Spiritual Coaching

Have you ever wondered whether you might benefit from Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching or a combination? I have found that I have benefitted from all of these types of Soul Care at different seasons of my life. We all are unique and have different journeys, desires and callings, but each of us could discover greater transformation and fulfillment from these sacred forms of Accompaniment.

Now that I am a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach as well as a trained and experienced Spiritual Director, I wanted to take an opportunity to share a little bit about each of these and how I am integrating them to create a more transformational package for my clients.

I have been blessed to offer Spiritual Direction now for 8+ years and have noticed that there are seasons in my client's lives that they are in a time of transition, ready for some change or desiring extra support in stepping more fully into their dreams and callings.

In Spiritual Direction I accompany my clients in a contemplative, ongoing conversation from month to month co- discerning the moves of the Spirit in their lives. I hold sacred, safe space allowing them to open to the inner movements of their soul's. This can be a slow discovery process as we journey together from month to month. Often clients journey with a spiritual director over the course of many years or even much of life. During this process the Spirit may draw the client toward certain actions or awaken them to dreams and callings.

When these seasons of perceived soul movement are happening either

through Spiritual Direction or simply through life, Spiritual or Life Coaching

are a perfect fit providing extra support, curated tools and processes to journey forward.

Both Spiritual and Life Coaching tend to be for a shorter season of time than Spiritual Direction with sessions that are weekly or bi-weekly, generally for 3 months to a year depending on what dreams and goals the client wants to work towards.

I am excited to offer several discounted packages for new clients to discover the benefits of Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Direction or a combination. Some may prefer to start slowly with Spiritual Direction or perhaps desire more weekly support along with some amazing tools and processes to move forward for a season with Spiritual or Life Coaching then transition to Spiritual Direction. I would be happy to accompany you on your sacred journey wherever you are on the path. Feel free to contact me for your complimentary 30-minute zoom Consult Session.


Blessings & Joy for your Journey,

Carol Mullen, CLC, CSC, & Spiritual Director

Soul's Sanctuary Coaching & Spiritual Direction

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute Zoom Consult Session.

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