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Being with the Questions #being#rest#spiritualdirector#questions#stillness#brain#mind#mindfulness

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Children are curious and ask a lot of questions. As I was checking out from my chiropractic appointment today there was a mother with an adorable little girl in the waiting room. The child wasn't talking yet but occasionally expressed herself to those of us there with interesting noises. The receptionist and mother were in a conversation about, perhaps the older sibling, and how that child frequently asked the question why. I said, aren't children curious, as I was heading out the door.

Back at home I kept thinking about that curiosity. I wondered if that little baby who couldn't speak yet had questions in her mind. When do we as humans start asking questions??? So, being the curious human I am I searched on google with that question about questions. Siri,Google, and now Alexa can give us multitudes of answers from many perspectives. Here are a few links I found if you would like to dig in further:

Some of what I discovered was fascinating about our brains and how they function. In the Psychology today article above it spoke of a study by neuroscientists that discovered epistemic curiosity followed pathways transmitting dopamine. Studies also showed how epistemic curiosity increased learning and memory.

So I am curious, what questions are you pondering? Are you able to be curious in new child like ways? Can you sit and be with your deep question or questions? Would you like a curiosity companion? How about a curiosity community?


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