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The Parable of the Hidden Cows

Updated: Jun 3


I recently posted a parable of discovery while on my morning walk. I guess morning walks are becoming times that I receive Divine inspiration and instruction. This morning while on my walk at a park not far from my home I discovered some hidden cows. I have been titling my discoveries Parables because they contain deeper spiritual and life meanings.

So the lesson to myself and perhaps to others is to pay attention to familiar surroundings and discover something you never saw before. As usual on my walks I am power walking and getting my heart rate up; I am also busy thinking about something other than my surroundings, definitely not very contemplative.

I would have walked that loop three times and never have noticed the cows if it weren’t for me seeing a neighbor on the path and saying hello. My neighbor said have you ever noticed cows over there? I was puzzled and said no, what cows? She was leaving and pointed to where they were. So I took my third loop around and saw the cows in the woods. I had been walking right by them. They were relaxing in the trees right next to the path. The picture above shows a few of them.

Prior to my neighbor pointing out the cows I was thinking I needed to practice being more present to nature while walking rather than being somewhere else in my mind. I just get in my routines on autopilot and zoom by hidden treasures.

My hope for us all is to discover hidden treasures on our everyday paths. Perhaps in doing so we will discover the Kingdom of Heaven Jesus talks about in His Parables.

Where and when do you tend to be on autopilot?

Have you discovered hidden treasures recently?

Did it take someone with a more aware perspective to point out the treasures?

Blessings on your journey,

Carol Mullen

Soul’s Sanctuary Spiritual Direction

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