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Stress Resilience and Gratitude

Updated: Mar 11, 2020



The further I travel through this journey called life the more I am aware of the interconnectedness of everything. We are connected to God, others, creation and also we have interconnection within. Most recently I have been fascinated with how our brain works and also the effect of stress on body, soul and spirit. I am especially aware of how this effects my own life and that of my clients and I am learning practices and mindsets that can bring life and healing. Once a week I have been offering mindfulness practice at a local wellness center and several weeks back I had the opportunity to attend a workshop locally on stress resilient habits by the "Institute for Brain Potential." The workshop was very informative and I hope to incorporate several stress resilient practices into my life as well as share them with those I serve.

One practice I would like to incorporate is to pause at the end of the day and list three specific things from the day that I am thankful for, perhaps in a gratitude journal along with prayer. Our instructor even encouraged us to try the 7 day face book challenge. I guess it would keep me more accountable. Maybe I will start on my own and around Thanksgiving do the online challenge, we will see. Being intentional about gratitude and developing a positive mindset can take work, especially if these practices haven't been an established habit. When I see the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of stress on health, developing stress resilient habits could be a matter of life or death. Our instructor for the workshop was also a stand up comedian who not only kept us entertained but also emphasized another habit for stress resilience: (laughter). This habit may take even more practice.-- LOL :)

With joy and gratitude,


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