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You have a story to birth in this life that was encoded into your DNA. You may not realize it or grasp it in your everyday busy patterns of living. Believe it or not, it is a big story to be birthed within the divine story. So much of our lives are lived asleep in patterns developed over time. Perhaps you are in a time of shift and birth right now. I believe the whole world is in this together because of recent events. Will you shift into the next gear or remain stuck in neutral? This is a choice only you can make. Often times it takes someone to come along side you to help you shift gears. Someone willing to sit in the passenger seat with you and not judge you for where you are on your path. I find it rare in this world to find such a companion who will really get to know your true essence, allowing it to come forth in its natural yet beautiful way and time.

I have been blessed in my life to discover several companions like this who really listen to my inner true self and provide sacred space for each layer of discovery to bring forth a piece of my whole story. I find this space of discovering and birthing our divine stories in spiritual direction. As a spiritual director I am so honored and delighted to accompany beautiful soul’s in the depths and heights of their journey. I image my role similar to a midwife encouraging the birth of new life and wholeness for my clients.

Do you have a new story to birth or new dream to discover? Have you felt an inner struggle similar to a baby kicking within the womb? Do you desire a sacred non judgemental space to be heard and known on your journey? I would be delighted to accompany you as your Spiritual Journey Coach. Please feel free to contact me for a complementary discovery session.

Carol Mullen

Spiritual Journey Coach

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